MASTInc is working with a partner to integrate its magnetic hall cross sensor technology with keyboard circuitry to produce a highly reliable, low-cost Hall Effect keyboard. At the user-level, this technology provides a highly dependable and consistent alternative to conventional keyboard options, at a low-cost to the manufacturer.

In addition, MASTInc is working with partners to develop innovative assembly techniques that improve performance and reliability while significantly reducing the overall unit cost of manufacturing.

MASTInc’s environmentally robust HCS are resistant to contaminants and dust, and can easily be made impervious to fluids. With no electrical contacts necessary, the danger of electrical sparks or shorts is eliminated. In addition, utilizing HCS technology greatly reduces the number of moving parts, thus significantly increasing Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) compared with mechanical equivalents.

HCS keyboards are also less susceptible to “key bounce”, and the key response remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the keyboard, with no softening, hardening, or sticking of keystrokes. Futhermore, production costs dramatically decrease sincer fewer amplification and integration components are necessary. This low-cost, high-reliablility design offers a competitive market advantage over current keyboard technology.

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