MASTInc’s ultra sensitive HCS technology is enabling the next generation of medical diagnostic equipment – identifying and monitoring numerous micronutrients and substances throughout the body based on the unique magnetic signature of each.

The small size of MASTInc’s hall cross sensors allows exceptionally dense arrays to be created, further optimizing sensitivity and performance.Applications for this technology include non-invasive diagnostic testing of blood, fluids, and tissue for the identification and management of numerous medical conditions, including diabetes.

One specific use of this technology would be in real-time detection of hypoxia, with applications both within and outside a traditional clinical setting. Understanding that hemoglobin is diamagnetic when oxygenated and paramagnetic when deoxygenated, a technique similar to magnetic resonance imaging can be employed – but in a convenient and resilient wrist-mounted unit – whereby a short magnetic pulse is emitted and its electromagnetic decay is measured by MASTInc’s ultra-sensitive hall cross sensors.

A real-time signature analysis is performed on the sensor readings to determine the level of oxygen in the blood. Results can be displayed on the wrist-mounted unit or transmitted to a remote unit.

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