MASTInc’s disruptive hall cross sensor technology has multiple applications within the consumer electronics industry due to its low cost, high-density design. It is particularly applicable to high-volume, portable consumer electronic devices such as cell phones and PDAs, where size and power consumption are critical factors.

MASTInc’s enhanced sensitivity and durable design optimize its use in these ever-expanding markets.

Additionally, HCS technology is ideally suited to integration with other sensor technologies and MASTInc is currently exploring a number of combinations to optimize capability in multiple markets. Integrating sensor technologies decreases overall device size and complexity while increasing capability in a very cost-effective way.

One example of a disruptive application in consumer markets is MASTInc’s patent-pending design for a read/write head for use in next generation hard disk drives. This design provides an ultra-high density, ultra-fine sensing and flux focusing high-speed nano-inductor/sensor array that will enable much higher resolution (and thus data density) over today’s disk head techniques – using only room temperature GMR.

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